About Me

I am surprised but glad that you stumbled across this random site amongst the vast, infinite sea that is the Internet. If you are someone I know personally, then I believe introductions are not necessary. Otherwise, here we go;

First and foremost, I’m Eric, if you have not guessed that already from my blog URL.

I’m a lawyer in the making and, contrary to popular opinion, one who has a passion in gaming and the digital entertainment industry in general. I unfortunately do not own any console as I feel that I’m pressed for time just considering PC games alone. Also #pcmasterrace.

As for music interests, I’m a sucker for K-Pop and very occasionally some J-Pop. I still do listen and follow mainstream Western music but not as much.

What else. I enjoy writing (a lot!), though I have never given myself enough time to indulge in it seriously. I love how liberated one can feel just by writing; the way an author expresses the different sides of himself through his written works, being able to perceive the mind of each and every character in a story, and become like new persons altogether. Reborn in the tales he writes.

Okay, I’m getting off the track here.

Seeing as how I am unable to put writing as my #1 priority due to lame excuses circumstances, I decided to take a casual approach instead, which led me to blogging all the way back when I was still in primary school. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that as of today, I have no idea how many dead blogs I have out there, scattered across many sites like the old Windows Live Spaces, Blogspot (multiple blogs here, I’m 110% sure), LiveJournal, Tumblr, and last but not least, WordPress.

I’m glad to say that this blog, created back in 2012 (and this is after the ‘reconstruction’ of a predecessor, the contents of which I sadly do not know where in the world had I archived them) had been the most ‘successful’ blog I ever have. I guess one of the primary contributing factors was my obsession to K-Pop, and my never-ending posts about SNSD. That gathered a lot of traffic, and plenty of people visited my site to view the list of fansites I had posted up and other random stuffs.

Unfortunately, nothing escapes change. SNSD moved on, and so had I. I continued to follow them and K-Pop in general, but I was no longer able to dedicate as much time to it as I did back then. My stanning died down and so did my blog. It returned to an ordinary blog, a place that I would rant my personal problems from time to time, and slowly it became dead.

I would have left this blog as it is, but I decided to return to give it its 2nd facelift since 2012, just because. This time, I would certainly remember where I archived my old posts.

All the changes; the removal of menus and pages, the editing and filtering of posts, would inevitably kill my traffic and SEO but that is honestly not one of my concerns. It’s a fresh start, so be it.

RIP ‘Mirage’ : 06/02/2012 – 15/04/2015. You will be remembered. *sniff*

Well, I suppose that’s an adequate summary of my online escapade. If you’re still reading up to this point, thank you.


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