Day 5 – 7/8/2015

Cue micdrop.gif

So we’ve reached the end (for now). Evidence was…fine I guess? I was surprised to finish it on time, but then again I did leave one sub-question hanging. Now that all 5 papers are done with, I can finally slip back to my zone and work my way out from there.

If not a tiring 9 months, and if not even a tiring study break since June 28, it was definitely a soul-sucking, heart-wrenching, balls-dropping, table-flipping 2 weeks. I would do almost anything to not go through it ever again.

My CLP is done with. Damn. That’s not something I thought I’d be able to say 5 years ago. But we all know the wonders of space and time, and what they can do. And it excites me, at the same time scares me, what the next 5 years would bring to my life. I’m learning not to let these thoughts dissuade me off any newfound paths in fear of what may come, but yea, I’m still learning. I’m not there yet. If there’s a time to learn to start taking leaps, it’s now and onward.

I’m feeling happy and so tired at the same time I can’t even process them. It’s already 6 and we have a huuggee dinner party at 7, so I guess I better get my ass moving.


It’s alright. The sting came back momentarily, but reality washed it away. I will no longer be tied down like a prisoner in balls and chains to your facade. That is a promise I made to myself.

A promise I will never break.


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