Day 4 – 5/8/2015

I have no comments at all for today’s paper. It’s Professional Practice, so I’ll leave that as it is.

(Just kidding. As much as I want to preserve and bitter-sweet memories about this paper, it’s late already and I kinda slacked off a bit with my free time after coming back home from the exam today. I’ll probably fill in the blanks tomorrow when I feel like it. Can’t study non-stop anyway.)

EDIT 12/8/15 – I really screwed up one question on ethics, which was about the admission of foreign lawyers. I knew I shouldn’t have done that question, but I was equally not confident about answering the other 2. Oh well, what’s done is done.

As I expected for Probate, the question would only touch upon ONE single sub-topic, which from my notes, is only one and a half pages long. Mutual wills. Goddammit, every other knowledge I had on Probate became utterly pointless the moment I saw the question focused on mutual wills. I literally laughed when I flipped the question paper over. Silently, but I did. It was absurd.

Land law was…eh…decent? I expected 340 to be missing and HD in its place, so I was going ‘sai lang’ on the charge and covenant topics. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t easy as well.

My only fear is that stoopid ethics question which I shouldn’t have done. I was really contemplating between that and other questions, and I chose wrongly this time. Just hoping it won’t come back and haunt me later on.


Something more relevant for me to talk about is the fact that there is one more paper to go! It’s almost midnight and I have done nothing at all to revise Evidence. Kinda regretting it a little bit, but I’ll do what I have to do tomorrow, ie another solid 10-12 hours of pouring over the evidence text book and writing out notes.

It feels like shit, but this will be the last time I’m doing this (at least for the current exams, not taking into consideration any possible re-sits). Praying upon my lucky stars that Evidence would be a better subject to cram in one day. Since PP just passed, I’m pretty positive anything else would feel better than this damned subject.

Here’s to the final countdown.


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