Day 3 – 3/8/2015


Today’s paper was…weird but alright. Naturally, looking at how the paper was set in July 2014, I had an uneasy feeling (when I was revising the topics of arrest, entry, search and seizure, and police investigation) that the said topics won’t appear as frequently as they used to. In a way, my hunch was right, but I never expected the paper to lean so much towards appeals to the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

And guess what? Those 2 areas are part of the ones I chose to touch less, because hey, a discussion on them would require one to know the ins and outs of the CJA 1964 and the RFC 1994, both statutes which are not available to us during the exams. Heck, I told myself if any such issues appear in any sub-question, I could just cite the statute in general and draw a comparison to the CPC.

Boy was I wrong. I mean sure, I could (and I did) cite the CPC all the way in lieu of using the actual authorities, but goddamn it if the question doesn’t require me to know it all. I did what I do best, and rojak my way through.

Add a little bit of bail here, and a little bit of summary trial there, I’m hopeful that I can cook up that 40 marks needed. At this point, I’m just looking forward to the other 2 papers to end this misery.

I came back, had lunch, took a nap and was wasting some time catching up on the recent KCON in LA. Didn’t expect so many pics and fancams to be up, but hey I’m not complaining. Thankfully AOA only appeared on the second day, else I wouldn’t be able to backtrack all the goodies even till now. Thought I’d make a short update before I force myself away from my computer and onto my books for the second last time. I’m still feeling a hefty mix of exhaustion and laziness to be frank, and I really want to get these gears moving because I know the Professional Paper is gonna be bulky as heck. But seeing the trend of the last 3 papers, I really don’t know if the effort going into revising everything would even matter in relation to what is tested in the exams.

Time will tell.


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