Day 2.5 – 2/8/2015

Hello, hello. It’s August! Guess what that means? Yea, the countdown is real.

Like I said before, the coming 3 papers are one hell of a bulk, but at this rate, I’m really trying my best to focus on my books, and it’s not working as effectively as I had wanted. Hence the reason I am here.

Sometimes I get all excited and liberated thinking about the post-exam freedom, but that is easily dampened with the fact that it’s short-lived. As I’ve mentioned, once results are released, which should be about September, I either have to proceed with finding a place to intern, or I’d have to resume a little bit of studying for any paper, should I have failed one of them. That’s like a month away after exams are done with. Not really long to be honest.

With all that said, I definitely have plans to change my lifestyle (gradually) once this is over. I can’t go on doing what I’m currently doing especially when I have my career to fit into my routine soon. A packed and busy life is one worth living, not one where I sit my ass at home doing whatever I please. Doing productive things, may it be self-improvements or getting actual work done for other reasons feel good, and I should probably learn to derive more joy that comes with hardwork, rather than getting all my endorphins from lazy activities.

Ironically, I’m feeling demotivated to resume revision for tomorrow’s paper. But it’ll come, it’ll come. It always does.


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