Day 2 – 30/7/2015

Boom! Anndd we’re here! Gosh was it that fast? I reached home at about 3pm, watched some Dota, played some CS, surfed reddit and Youtube. Now it’s 9.45pm. So yea, pretty fast to be honest.

Oh, General Paper. I’m not sure whether to thank you for making me feel better, or to condemn you for having so many issues that I couldn’t finish in time AGAIN. For Tort, I was so worried about any possible estate and/or dependancy claims and guess what? NONE of them came out. Zilch. Just a guy getting knocked by a motorcycle (not even a car, can you believe that?) and having a personal injury claim against the D. Fun? Yes. Worth the cramming I did the night before? Abso-freaking-lutely no.

It’s not as bad as Civil Procedure though, that’s a fair statement I can make. At least for today’s paper, I had something to damn well write! The only reason I couldn’t finish my final statement of claim (for Contract) in time was basically just that; there was no time. I committed the same sin that tens of thousands of people had committed before me, which is spending too much time on Tort. I can’t help it, after reading both the Tort and the Contract question in the 20 minutes given to us as reading time, I swore upon the high heavens to vomit out all the Tort knowledge I had pent up inside me, like having a full bladder and you’re literally sprinting to the toilet, because the issues are that many. I couldn’t spot the Contract issue at the first glance, so I anticipated that I’ll get stuck for a while when attempting that question. Which is true to a certain extent. I had 1 hour and 10 minutes left when I finally turned the page away from Tort and started dissecting the Contract question.

I pretty much surprised myself with my amazingly innate ability to speed read like never before. The length of the question is one worthy of damnation, having to go through 1 SPA, 1 written letter and 3 separate chunks of paragraphs trying to explain to us the situation. By the time I’m done with extracting the relevent info for my answers, I was left with a merciless hour to complete 3 questions. I wielded my pen, wrote “Q.1(a)” and let it fly.

By the time I came to the statement of claim, I had 10 minutes left. TEN. SIX HUNDRED SECONDS. I was metaphorically shitting my pants, but I did all I could in that time frame. And when I passed the paper to the invigilators, I was more than satisfied. Not that I had done well, but satisfied that it was over. Another target down.

But I know the true nightmare begins here. 3 subjects in the following week with 3 days to prep ourselves. It’s pretty much a given that Sunday would be fully spent doing Criminal Law, so I’ll see how I’ll segregate my study material for Friday and Saturday.

As for today, I had wanted to do some light reading, but I guess it’s a bit too late for that. 10pm is here and really, I’d rather spend the remaining time today fully flushing out the stress inside.

Here’s to one more week of anxiety attacks, butterflies and moths, and sleepless nights. I’ll keep things posted, for my own benefits and sanity.


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