Surprise, surprise. I decided to hop into my WordPress and try out some new theme for my blog, only to realise that I couldn’t make the background static (or I’m just overlooking how to do it at the moment). If that’s not bad enough, I completely forgot to note down the previous theme I used. So lazy ol’ me opted to screw it, and stick with this plain, clean slate that is white.

Doesn’t look too shabby really. Sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple. I know I ought to change this over-used header image of mine, but I can’t really think of/find a nicer background to replace it for now. I will, I will, soon.

What have I been up to? Well for starters, my CLP examination is in 2 days, and here I am blogging out of the sudden. I bet that’s sufficient indication of how much stress I need to release. Frankly, I’m really sick of cramming information into my head for the sake of examinations. I get that the knowledge is important and useful in the future, but that’s a whole new story compared to having the knowledge purely for answering exam questions. We don’t get to bring in some of the statutes that are readily available to us in practice, so that’s a real bummer too. Oh well, a rant’s a rant. Reality remains the same, and I just gotta pull through no matter what.

Gonna keep this short and get back to what I should be doing. Hopefully I’ll find the motivation to finish the touch ups on this site once I’m done with everything.

Wish me luck.


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